A Better BVSD is on the Horizon

 "At their best, public schools both bridge and anchor a community while educating its children.  They are a place for people with different backgrounds and perspectives to communicate, learn from, and grow with each other.  Elect me and we will work together to ensure the entire BVSD community grows and flourishes."
A better bvsd on the horizon

Students First - Equitable Opportunities - Informed Leadership

Community Engagement

For schools to be the bedrock of a community, they must serve the needs of the community.  The best way to accomplish this is by listening to, and authentically engaging with, all stakeholders - students, staff, parents, city governments and public health agencies, business owners and everyone in between.  Our community is full of innovative, creative and supportive individuals and organizations and the district could benefit from leveraging that talent. 


If elected to the BVSD Board of Education, I will listen to your feedback and advocate for improved methods of community engagement.  Over the years I have come to learn that the existing challenges include, but are not limited to: underrepresentation of historically marginalized groups, translation, two-way communication, feedback loops, student voice, clarity on how to get involved, etc. 

Evidence-Based Decision Making

The best organizations in any sector use evidence - research and data - to drive decisions that improve performance and outcomes.  I believe the educational system  should be no exception.  Whether the goal is improving policy, determining budgets and allocating resources, reframing improvement plans, transforming culture, adopting curricula or fine-tuning instruction, the best available evidence must be made available and relied upon. 

As a Board member, I will encourage a culture of evidence-based decision making and anchor all of my decisions in the best information available at the time.

Equitable Opportunities

Every student, no matter which school they attend, deserves the benefit of having access to courses that are engaging, challenging and relevant to their long term success.  A student's potential shouldn't be limited by structures (courses offered, transportation, ability to self-pay, etc.) that deny access to opportunities for extension, enrichment and acceleration.

The BVSD Strategic Plan has identified equitable opportunities and increased access to advanced courses as a top priority.  As a member of the school board, I will work to ensure the superintendent stays focused on, and accountable to, those components of the strategic plan.  

Accountability & Transparency

For as long as I've been a parent volunteer in BVSD I have been advocating for increased accountability and transparency. Without systems of accountability in place, it is impossible to know when strategies are successful, or when they need to be improved upon.  Transparency builds organizational trust, and shows a commitment to continuous improvement. Together these two pieces allow for increased focus on efforts to close opportunity gaps and ensure every student flourishes.

As a member of the Board of Education, I will continue to advocate for a systemwide culture of accountability and transparency at the school and district level. 

Informed Leadership & Good Governance

The COVID-19 pandemic unveiled some of the longstanding challenges within our school district.  It also provided an opportunity to rethink how the district can better serve its staff, students and community.  In order to improve, we need strong school board members that understand public school systems enough to think creatively, ask informed questions and stay focused on the most pressing and transformational issues system-wide.  We need school board members that allow our talented staff to capitalize on their expertise and elevate the educational experiences for learners of all ages.  As a member of the BVSD Board of Education, this is precisely how I will operate.

Safety & Well-being

Everyone in our schools - students, staff, families - deserves to feel safe and welcome in BVSD buildings and on BVSD grounds.  Physical, emotional and psychological safety and well-being are necessary to for anyone to learn and be engaged.  Many of the policy recommendations DAC made under my leadership (SRO, Student Discipline, Student Code, Student Dress, Drugs & Alcohol, etc.) had equity and safety at their core.   If elected to the Board of Education, I will continue to weigh how policy decisions and environmental conditions impact the safety and well-being of students, families and staff.

 "World-class educational systems unlock the potential of their administration, staff, families and communities to ensure every student not only succeeds but flourishes.  BVSD is a good school district that meets the needs of many.  If elected, I will ensure BVSD continues to improve and evolve until it is a world-class school district that meets the needs of all."