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Community Members

Chris Barge, Boulder

Chip Besse, Boulder

Melinda Besse, Boulder

Amanda Brown, Boulder

Maureen Cameron, Boulder

Patrick Cameron, Boulder

Jorge Chavez, Erie

John Clasby, Louisville

Liz Daneels, Boulder

Alexis Baizer Diamond, Lafayette

Hilary Dryden, Boulder

Becky Escamilla, Lafayette

Emily Esch, Boulder

Allison Faldi, Boulder

Finn Faldi, Boulder

Ana Fernandez Frank, Boulder

Ralph Frid, Lafayette

Casey Gallagher, Boulder

Francesca Gettelman, Boulder

Eddie Gilmartin, Boulder

Roudy Hildreth, Boulder

Chris Hunter, Boulder

Erin Hunter, Boulder

Dana James, Boulder

Mark James, Boulder

Wolfgang Keller, Boulder

Peter Kingsley, Boulder

Andy Knight, Boulder

Christina Knight, Boulder

Mary Jo Ladd, Boulder

Amy Lynn, Lafayette

Noemi Lastiri, Boulder

Joanna Marks, Boulder

Lisa Medler, Boulder

Linda Mounce, Boulder

Terri Mulford, Louisville

Josh Pearson, Boulder

Meg Pearson, Boulder

Carrie Poehls, Boulder

Karl Poehls, Boulder

Danielle Quatrochi, Boulder

Nick Quatrochi, Boulder

Jennifer Quigley, Boulder

Sharad Rajpal, Boulder

Jamillah Richmond, Boulder

Kate Ryan, Boulder

Patrick Ryan, Boulder

Anna Siepmann, Louisville

Amy Slaymaker, Boulder

Lauren Tetuan, Boulder

Ryan Tetuan, Boulder

Annette Thull, Lafayette

Dana Udall, Boulder

Jean Vegas, Boulder

Denys Vigil, Lafayette

Terri Wilson, Boulder

Donna Wynn, Boulder

Karen Zeid, Boulder

Zach Zeldner, Boulder

Elected Officials

Judy Amabile, State Representative in House District 13

KC Becker, former Speaker of the Colorado House

Steve Fenberg, Colorado Senate Majority Leader

Tonya Briggs, Lafayette City Council Member

Aaron Brockett, Boulder City Council Member

Rachel Friend, Boulder City Council Member

Junie Joseph, Boulder City Council Mayor Pro Tem

Mark Wallach, Boulder City Council Member

Sam Weaver, Boulder City Council Mayor

Laurie Albright, former BVSD Board of Education Member

Jennie Belval, former BVSD Board of Education Member

Sam Fuqua, former BVSD Board of Education Member

Stanley Garnett, former Boulder County District Attorney &               former BVSD Board of Education Member

Tina Marquis, BVSD Board of Education President

Julie Phillips, former BVSD Board of Education Member

Lesley Smith, University of Colorado Regent at-large &

      former BVSD Board of Education Member

Lisa Sweeney-Miran, BVSD Board of Education Member

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I'm happy to support Nicole Rajpal for the BVSD Board of Education. She will bring a lifelong passion for education and her extensive experience working hard for our public schools to the Board. I know she'll help move BVSD forward on behalf of all school-age children and their families. ~ Casey Gallagher

Nicole is highly qualified and has the much-needed perspective and experience required for this important role. - Dana James

Perhaps the best reason to vote for Nicole is that she is one of those rare "bird" that fly in a flock, keep everyone safe and in close proximity - even if it requires much from her. Not many people like her (I have been volunteering the the district for 5 years) and none like her running for office. - Ralph Frid

Thoughtful and fair-minded people, like Nicole, are worth their weight in gold on a school board.  - Julie Phillips

I worked closely with Nicole on the BVSD DAC policy subcommittee for a few years and also participated in DAC while she was the Chairperson. At the start I thought she was an extremely educated BVSD staff employee who clearly was excellent at her job. Come to realize she was a parent volunteer. I felt honored to have the opportunity to work alongside Nicole, learning from her wisdom about the workings of BVSD. I admire and appreciate her ability to openly listen to all strongly felt opinions on challenging topics, respond respectfully and fairly, and process all the input to help make an informed decision that the majority agrees upon. She cares deeply and thinks about what’s best for our children and BVSD as a whole. Our BVSD community would be fortunate and lucky to have Nicole on the Board of Education. ~ Amy Slaymaker

For the past four years I have worked as a representative alongside Nicole Rajpal on the BVSD District Accountability Committee (DAC). During my tenure, this volunteer committee worked tirelessly during the time of three different superintendents to improve communication and collaboration with district leadership, to provide thoughtful and extensive feedback on complex topics brought forth by the board of education and the community at large, to manage and integrate multi-tiered input from a vast and varied school and parent community, and most importantly to seek the most equitable path forward for all students of BVSD in every area of our state-mandated work. During this time, Nicole was an effective, compassionate and professional leader on the executive team, often navigating sensitive and complicated issues with grace, clarity and precise communication and collaborative decision-making. What has impressed me most is Nicole’s steadfast commitment to seeking all sides and opinions she can gather and providing clear synthesis, meaningful analysis and guidance to the larger group as we often have extreme time limits for highly detailed and complex feedback. Nicole is well-versed in the roles of school board members and has a strong command of budget and policy topics. What is more, Nicole genuinely and deeply cares about the children of our community and is ready to listen and respond to all voices.  ~Amy Lynn

She is a hard worker and has always made quality public education a top priority! - Francesca Gettelman